A song written for a great musician, Lin Lin will donate all the benefits

Singer Lin Lin, the father of popular love and the new era, is a beloved artist as a songwriter. Many of the songs he wrote were also very popular with the audience.

Recently, singer Lin Lin informed the audience that a song written for Myo Gyi will soon be available on music.

Myo Gyi and Lin Lin will donate all the proceeds from the song to the “Modern Foundation” and Ko Nyi Ka from Tay Than Thar also donated a total of 3250,000 (thirty two hundred and fifty thousand) in cash.

I think the fans are already in love with Po Chit, the chairman of the drama. Po Chit was founded because of his love for drama. Because he used to donate as little as he could

He has the love of the fans. Po Chit is leading the show, but is being held back by those who attacked him. Khin Shwe, one of the richest cronies in Myanmar

“I do not want anyone to challenge me. I do not want to be challenged. I do not want to be a hobbyist. I do not want to be a hobbyist. I do not have money. No one is behind it.

“I have no black and white hands. If I win, I will continue to try.

For the fans, I am sharing Po Chit’s solution again. If the audience loves and encourages Po Chit, please write a comment.

Myo Gyi and I donated all the benefits of this song to the Foundation for life. Lin Lin shared their charity gift on social media with the caption, “Let the audience benefit from this song soon.”

Tik Tok Cele is a newcomer to the art world and is currently gaining a large following. She has been criticized by beauties for saying she will stand out as a beauty queen.

The beauty pageant winner is currently learning how to walk the cat with the help of a trainer. Model Khin Rupa shared a video of her walking cat walking.

“Miss, don’t do that, sister. It’s the choice of a club beauty‚Ķ .. I’m also surprised by the trainer’s .. If you enjoy being bullied, then continue to be bullied, it’s not a success, baby”

Please share the audience’s opinion about Nyein Myat Thu’s position as a beauty queen. Special thanks to the audience for reading.

She is often referred to as the “TikTok Princess” because of her proud, endearing, sweet and friendly demeanor.

He is the director of many series and is a Rakhine who captivates the audience with his cute gestures as well as his acting skills.

She is always open about her activities to her fans. This is a point that is firmly entrenched in the hearts of the audience because of the very honest and open speech. She is currently working on a feature film.

Currently, she is showing her boyfriend in front of an audience. She shared the song “Endless” by L Lun Wah and Mentioned her boyfriend. Fans are commenting that a little dog came to light up her lover. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..